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Use This Time to Your Advantage

April 27, 2020 in Tips

This is a perfect time to get your vehicle repaired and important maintenance done on your vehicle that you would not normally have the time to get done. Not getting essential maintenance done on your vehicle could decrease the life of your vehicle and cause a ripple effect of damages toward your car or truck. While most of your favorite places are closed and not operating as they would during normal times, A.U.T.O Collision remains open and here to serve you and your repair needs.

Furthermore, A.U.T.O Collision is offering 10% off on all services to our customers during this time.

Change your oil

Timely oil changes are essential to a long-lasting vehicle.

Oil-change intervals vary somewhat by make and manufacturer and your vehicle’s intended use. A vehicle that is driven on dusty roads, tows a trailer, or sees a lot of stop-and-go traffic may use the vehicle manufacturer’s “severe service” schedule and need to be changed as frequently as every 3,000 miles.

Your engine’s motor oil has a couple of important jobs to do: it lubricates the moving parts and prevents wear, and to a lesser degree, it helps cool the engine.

Over time, this oil will break down and lose viscosity (thickness,) and although the motor oil filter will trap dirt and other engine-wearing particles, if the oil change is neglected, the filter will be full and no longer able to filter out these particles.

An oil change is a quick, cost-effective service that will extend the life of your vehicle.

Make Sure Your Vehicle is Up-to-date on its Service Schedule

Vehicles today do not require the same “tune-up” that older vehicles did. Even common wear components such as spark plugs are commonly designed to last at least 100,000 miles.

But we can help your vehicle give you reliable operation and a long service life.

That begins with us giving your vehicle a thorough visual inspection to identify worn parts, such as brakes or loose suspension parts.
We will go over your vehicle’s service history with you, comparing it to the service schedule your vehicle manufacturer has recommended by your vehicle’s age or mileage. We will identify what service we recommend be done, and to help you fit it into your budget, we will prioritize what items should be addressed first.

Body Repair / Paint Job

Now is the perfect time to restore the gleam your vehicle had when it rolled off the assembly line.

Whether it is a major collision repair or a minor bumper gouge or dented fender, your vehicle requires the utmost in care and attention. When you’re considering getting your vehicle repaired, be sure to use a shop, such as A.U.T.O Collision, that includes a comprehensive array of cosmetic and reconstructive options, along with certified technicians to get your vehicle looking like new again!

Clean Your Vehicle Inside and Out

If you are like millions of Americans and are not able to get out and drive daily, it is important that your car is cleaned inside and out to prevent unwanted smells, rust, and damage to the paint of your vehicle. Cleaning or disinfecting the inside of your vehicle would be a smart idea for this time as well, leaving your vehicle smelling like new when you are able to once again get in and drive like normal. Cleaning the outside of your vehicle is important too, cleaning off any winter debris, salt, brine, and dirt underneath the car and on the outside of the car can help prevent rust and buildup of any unwanted damage to the cars body and paint.

These tips are useful during this time when most people are not on the road like normal, getting these done will ensure your vehicle is clean and running at its upmost ability.

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