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Essential Steps for Handling Hail Damage

June 29, 2020 in Tips

Throughout the warmer months, we see our fair share of hail throughout the area during storms. Depending on where you park your vehicle, hailstorms can do a bit of body damage in no time. At A.U.T.O. Collision, we know handling repairs can be a confusing process. Below, we break down the steps you will need to take if your car or truck suffers hail damage, and how we can help you during the process and get your vehicle back on the road looking brand-new.

  • Document the Damage

As soon as you can after the hailstorm subsides, examine your vehicle. You can use your smart phone to take photos of the damaged area(s).  Remember that some dents show only in certain lighting. The glaring sunlight at high noon will obscure many minor dings. An overcast day or at sunrise or sundown may better show these flaws, but be sure to turn off the flash.

If you are going to file an insurance claim, this is an important step, because your insurance company will need evidence of the damage done when you file a claim for repair. Be sure to take many photos from different angles.

  • Call Your Insurance Provider

It is best to contact your insurance provider as soon as possible after your vehicle is damaged. Many vehicle owners are unsure of how to properly file a claim or feel uncomfortable speaking directly with an insurance agent. If this is you, we are here to help you! We have built a reputation with a number of insurance companies throughout the country. We want to make sure your repair process is as stress-free as possible.

  • Ensure the Damage is visible

Your provider will send an adjuster to examine the damage following you filing a claim for hail damage. If your vehicle is dirty, this may cause the adjuster to assume the damage was not due to hail. Wash your vehicle before the adjuster arrives.

  • Acquire an Auto Body Repair Estimate

When you bring your vehicle in following getting the green light from your insurance company, we will assess the full scope of the damage and furnish a repair estimate. Once we have built an estimate, we can send it directly to your insurance provider to expedite the process. When we return your vehicle to you, you will never know the hail damage was there.

Are you dealing with hail damage on your vehicle? At A.U.T.O. Collision, we know you can’t always control what happens to your vehicle, and that’s what we’re here for! If your automobile recently suffered hail damage, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to discuss repairs. To learn more about our auto body repair process, give us a call at 801.568.0305

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If you are in need of an accurate collision repair estimate the first time, visit A.U.T.O. Collision in Sandy, Utah! Our I-CAR® trained and certified technicians are ready to help our customers in their time of need.

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