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Disinfecting Your Vehicle

April 7, 2020 in Tips

In just the last few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has begun to have an effect on everyone in Utah. There is a lot we can do to help prevent the spread of the virus in our community. It is important we take action in our homes and even in our vehicles. Below, we are going to lay out some tips for disinfecting and cleaning the inside of your vehicles. Be assured that A.U.T.O Collision is taking this seriously and taking all precautions to maintain a sanitary workplace and environment around the shop.

Materials to clean your car interior

The very first step before cleaning and disinfecting your car interior is choosing the cleaning agents and materials you should use. Depending on whether you have leather or cloth, these steps and cleaning agents will differ. Isopropyl alcohol is a proven disinfectant and is a great way to disinfect and clean the interior of your vehicle. If you have a leather interior, be careful with the isopropyl alcohol, because many leather interiors have a protective coating to prevent discoloration of the leather. The isopropyl alcohol can cause the leather to deteriorate. Below we have steps for cleaning leather. 

For Cleaning Leather Interior

For leather interiors, steering wheels, seating, and trim, it is best to use a mix of soap and water. Be careful not to scrub hard when cleaning, while also avoiding excess suds and water. We also recommend using a soft cloth to protect the leather, while also giving that needed friction to kill the virus and disinfect your vehicle.

Essential Steps for cleaning and Disinfecting interiors

Car interiors are built to be durable, but hard scrubbing or using a rough cloth can cause scratches and discoloration of your interior. A soft wipe with alcohol on hard surfaces and gentle circular cleaning on upholstery are best for disinfecting and maintaining your vehicles interior.

It is important to not use too much water on your seats. If water soaks through cloth upholstery, the water can get into the cushion beneath, which can cause the growth of mold and unbearable smells. When washing your seats, use a damp (not wringing wet) cloth or sponge with soap and warm water, and clean up any excess soap and water on the seats at this time. Follow with a damp cloth or sponge with clear water, wringing out as you go, and repeat until the cloth is clean.

Make sure to hit all the spots on the interior of your car that are high-touch spots, which include heating/air controls, the steering wheel, gear shifter, radio controls, window switches, door handles, handles on console and glove box, turn signal indicators, and cup holders.

Vacuum and brush the floor mats to finish your cleaning job. Keeping everything clean will give you added peace-of-mind.

Finish your cleaning job with an aerosol or trigger-spray disinfectant, such as Lysol, that is listed as being effective against various bacteria and viruses. (Keep in mind that because the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, is so new, it will not be listed on the label.)

These tips are to help ensure the cleanliness of your vehicle not only during the time of this pandemic. In general, keeping your car clean and disinfected will reduce the chance of a virus making it inside your vehicle.

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