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Are You Sabotaging Your Vehicle’s Paint and Finish?

May 28, 2019 in Tips

Your vehicle’s paint and factory finish doesn’t just provide color and shine to your car, and make it look like the day it rolled off the showroom floor, but it also protects it from premature rusting and corrosion. It serves as the primary barrier between outdoor elements and the sheet metal beneath your car’s exterior coating.

Protecting your vehicle from things that cause fading, deterioration, rust and other damage sooner than later is your first line of defense to maintaining your vehicles paint and finish.  Sun exposure, chemicals, and natural pollutants are all key elements that can harm your automobile paint. Below are the most common factors to sabotaging your vehicle’s paint and finish. Take a look to see if you are sabotaging your vehicle’s paint and finish.

With summer upon us you may like to run your lawn sprinkler system to aid in the health of your lawn, but did you know water can actually damage your vehicle? Do your lawn sprinklers reach the driveway where you park your vehicle? If so, keep in mind, water is typically chocked full of minerals, many of which are not at all paint friendly. If your vehicle is getting a light soaking each time you water your lawn you could be harming your vehicle’s finish.

Bird Droppings
As an automobile owner we can all agree bird dropping are unsightly. However, did you know that bird droppings that land on your car can cause lasting effects if not immediately treated? For years, experts blamed the acid in bird lime to be the primary focus of bird dropping damage. While this rings true, the hot summer sun plays a major role as well.

When the heat emitted from the sun is exposed to your car’s paint lacquer it softens and expands ever so slightly. Simultaneously, the sun is also hardens bird droppings, literally baking them on to your vehicle’s surface. As temperatures cool in the evening and throughout the night, the paint hardens and actually mods the bird droppings into your vehicles finish, resulting in dulled paintwork that stays that way even once the vehicle has been properly cleaned.

Tree Sap
If you commonly park your car beneath a tree you are asking for trouble. Tree sap can drip on to your finish and does not typically wipe off easily. Often times, wiping tree sap off of your vehicle causes damage by rubbing even deeper into the porous paint where it will slowly eat away at it.

Summer brings bugs, and many of them meet their demise on the surface of our vehicle! It is important to wash the acidic bug carcasses away from your vehicle surface to ensure they don’t do a number on your paint job.

We’ve all seen it, that one vehicle driving down the road with ‘Wash me’ etched in to the dirt. Whether it was a stranger or your kids latest art project, those pesky fingers doodling on your vehicles dirty surface are no better than a bit of sandpaper being directly applied to your paint and could leave lasting scratches.

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