As a parent, seeing your child leave the house behind the wheel for the first time can be nerve racking. Especially if you’ve got fears of unforeseen auto collision repair bills piling up. But there are easy, and simple ways to ensure their safety behind the wheel and put you at ease.

One way to make sure your teen driver is safe on the road is to limit their driving time right from the beginning. Perhaps the first time they get behind the wheel can be to the neighborhood convenient store and back, then, graduate them a little. The next time a little further to the grocery store, and so on. You do not want an inexperienced driver behind the wheel for long periods of time. Allow them to gradually build up confidence behind the wheel.

A very important way to keep your teen driver safe is to restrict phone use behind the wheel. Generally, this is a good tip for everyone. The majority of accidents in teen demographics are caused by things like texting and driving. NO ONE should text and drive behind the wheel, and as new teen driving laws have recently been enforced, you should express to your teen the serious consequences of texting and driving. If you are able to restrict phone use while your teen is driving, the chances of them not being involved in an accident skyrockets.

Something that you can do to insure your teen drives safety is to set good examples while you are driving for them. Teens may seem like they do not want to have anything to do with you, or that they aren’t paying attention, but they still pick up on the ways you act and behave, especially in things like being behind the wheel.

It may not make you popular with you teenager and their friends, but not allowing your teen driver to chauffeur passengers, specifically other teenagers or younger children, is a great way to make sure your teen is safe while they are driving. Kids are notorious for hoarse play and are easily distracted. This can be a dangerous formula for teens when combined with a vehicle.

Driving is a big responsibility and can be very dangerous if not done incorrectly. Make sure your teen driver is well informed on all driving skills and laws before getting behind the wheel to insure their safety as well as the safety of other drivers and passengers on the roads ahead.

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