Does your teen know what to do after an accident? The experts at Auto Collision would like to share a few tips and a refresher course for all drivers. It doesn’t matter how old you are, when you are involved in an accident it can literally knock the wind out of your sails, which is why, as adults, we need to be certain that our teens are prepared for the day that they become involved in a fender bender. It is important that they know what to do and how they are expected to react when that time comes.

Telling someone to remain calm after being involved in an accident may be easier said than done, in fact, some seasonal drivers may forget where they left their pedigree information.

1)-Ensure the safety of all involved

2)-Make sure that you are not hurt

3)-Call your parents and let them know that everything is okay, but an accident has occurred

4)-Start taking names and information from the other driver

5)-Get names and phone numbers of any bystanders that may be considered as a witness

One of the key factors in making sure that your teen is ready for a collision is to give them a few pointers to how to handle disasters on the road. Even though you may practice with a routine, like a fire drill, having a checklist of things that are expected of them may remove the frazzled look from their faces as they search for the insurance policy.

6)-Assess the damage and take lots of pictures, nearly every cell phone has picture taking capabilities

7)-Even if you are wrong, don’t admit to anything

8)-Don’t sign anything, you never know what you are being presented with

9)-Communicate with the police, but stick to the facts, don’t offer any opinions about anything

10)-If the car is movable and the police tell you to, if it can be moved, take the vehicle out of the traffic lane

It is a good idea to practice these simple steps with your teen on a regular basis, it is also a good idea to laminate these key factors and leave it in the glove box.

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