Love it or hate it, spring cleaning is something that most people have to make time for when the seasons start to change. And while many people consider spring cleaning to only include the inside of their home, there are plenty of things that should be given extra care during the spring as well. Namely, your car. Here are some springtime car care tips that will keep you running better in warmer weather.

After a long winter, your car is likely to have had to use up a lot of fluids to run properly. That’s why you should be sure to check your fluids once the weather gets nicer. If you notice anything is running low, then now is the time to refill it as the weather gets warmer.

As nice as it is to see the flowers and birds chirping that spring brings, the season also brings its fair share of showers as well. Therefore, be sure that your windshield wipers work properly in case you get stuck out in a downpour.

During the winter months, your tires are likely to contract due to the cold weather. However, in the spring, your tires are more likely to expand due to warmer weather. All of these changes in weather mean that you should check and rotate your tires to assure that you are getting an even amount of pressure on all sides. Having your tires running properly will also help with gas mileage, which is an added bonus if you have to start using the air conditioner in warmer weather.

Chances are that you have accumulated a lot of trash and junk in your car during the winter. After all, it is sometimes easier to throw your leftover holiday cookies in the back of your car, rather than run them inside when it’s snowing outside. Use the coming of spring to conduct minor car care; to clean the inside and outside of your car. While the inside may be full of leftovers from holiday parties, the outside is likely to have salt and other chemicals that come from snow removal.

Your car should be just as valued as your home. So when the weather changes and you decide to clean out the house for spring-cleaning, take some time to make sure you do the same for your vehicle as well.


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