Simple car maintenance is one very important thing you can do not only for yourself but for your vehicle. Car maintenance, even the simple aspects of it, are able to keep your car running well, have been proven to save you money, and most importantly, keep you safe while driving if you are committed to staying up to date on all of your cars necessary maintenance. Yes, it can at times seem tedious, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Something that needs checking regularly and is often neglected on your car is your wheels, and your tires. You want to check the pressure in your tires to make sure the appropriate amount of air is in them. It’s also wise to ensure they are not losing air through a slow leak. The depth of your tread on your tires is also important to look at. If your tread is balding, that could cause loss of traction on slippery surfaces, and even cause blow outs.

The easiest, cheapest and most common thing to keep your car and engine maintained is to check the oil in your engine. Anyone can check the oil in their car. Under your hood, where your oil is located you’ll find what’s known as a dipstick. By gently pulling out the dipstick you can observe the level and quality of the oil. This is the easiest way to tell if you are in need of an oil change or not. Engine oil is a honey brown so if your dipstick has very dark or black oil, or the levels have dropped… it’s time to take your vehicle into a Sandy auto body shop  for an oil change.

Another important factor that keeps your car running that many forget, are the belts. The timing belt should be changed every 50,000- 80,000 miles to maintain optimal performance (Trust us on this one, your car will NOT be drivable if that crucial element falls off due to improper maintenance). The coolant levels are also important for you to keep in check. You do not want it to be too high, or too low. If your car is hot, do not check your coolant level until it cools down.

The electrical devices are another very important aspect of your car that you want to make sure are working. Without a properly working battery, your car is not going to start. Make sure your battery terminals are clean so the electrical currents are able to pass through with ease. And of course, if ever unsure; speak with a professional, like the Sandy auto body pros at A.U.T.O Collision!

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