There are several preventative maintenance procedures or tips to keep your motorcycle running smoothly. These preventative maintenance tips can help keep your motorcycle from breaking down or needing expensive repairs:

Always check the battery of the motorcycle. When checking the battery, make sure the cable connections to and from the battery are free of corrosion. The connections should be tight and clean. If the battery is not a maintenance free battery and it needs fluid, always use distilled water.

Besides the battery, check the oil, crankcase, transmission, and brake fluids. If these fluids are low, top them off with the right lubricant grade for the motorcycle. Also make sure to get regular oil changes.

Another preventative maintenance procedure would be to check the tires. The tires need to have the right air pressure in them. Besides the air pressure, look at the tread on the tires. If the tire tread is uneven or worn out, then the tires need to be changed. Uneven, worn out tire tread can cause the motorcycle to skid or not grip the road properly.

Before taking off on the motorcycle, you should make sure the turn signals and other lights on it are working. If they are burnt out, change them. Having working lights and turn signals on the motorcycle can help prevent accidents, especially when riding at night.

Every now and then the pulleys, chains, belts, and other drive components need to be inspected. The drive components should not be chipped, worn to thin, or broken. The sprockets and pulleys should be changed at the same time the chains and belts are replaced. This will help prevent damage to the new chains and belts.

Inspecting the cables, nuts, and bolts is another preventative maintenance tip. Making sure these are not worn, rusted, loose, or missing can help with safely riding the motorcycle.

Cleaning your motorcycle is a key maintenance procedure. A clean motorcycle can help prevent rust and dirt from ruining the components, fixtures, and chrome. For more motorcycle maintenance tips, stay tuned to A.U.T.O Collision.

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