It’s nearly that time of year again; when Utah’s notoriously harsh winter weather is upon us. For seasoned Utah winter drivers, it’s to be expected that there are going to be days when you wish you did not have to step outside during the cold winter months; let alone, brave the snow to drive. However, we all know that some days this isn’t feasible. No matter if you are someone who has trouble driving in colder weather, are afraid of driving in the snow and rain or a confident seasoned winter driver; this list will help you to know what you can do to decrease your odds of having a car accident or needing auto collision repair.

First, leave yourself some increased room to slow down or stop. You will want to give yourself three car lengths in front of you to help prevent an accident. This will not only protect yourself but also the car directly in front of you. If the cars behind you give you the same courtesy, you will be safer on the roads as well.

The best way to avoid striking another car is to ensure that you brake very carefully. Watching how hard that you press on your brakes will help to ensure that you do not skid on the pavement or hydroplane over slick roads and dry ice. If you start to notice that your brakes are locking up, you should slowly ease off from the brake pedal.

If you are worried that you might be struck by another car, one thing you can do to give yourself an advantage is make yourself visible. You should drive with your lights on and the windshield and windows should be clean. This helps to make sure that the car directly in front of you can see you clearly while making it easier for you to see others as well. You will want to make sure when you are going uphill or are working on going uphill that you drive in a low gear. This will help give your vehicle traction when you need it most.

When driving on icy roads, you will want to make sure to turn off the cruise control. Generally, it is advisable not to use cruise control at all during wintery months. When you use the cruise control, you run the risk of losing control over the car. When the control is turned off, it is easier to compensate and control your drive for the weather. This also ensures that safety of the vehicles surrounding you.

All of these tips can help protect your vehicle and family when driving out in the wind, snow and rain this season.

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