The auto collision industry is evolving. Those that own repair shops are also focusing on business, not just repairing cars, trucks and vehicles. Advances in materials and techniques have made repairing autos more complex and advanced for some repair shop staff. More companies are using cloud computing services for storing vendor and customer information, searching for auto parts, and dealing with third party insurance companies.

Cloud computing gives a repair shop access to vendors, insurance companies, and other information with just a computer, web browser, and broadband connection. It is not that expensive where at one time it would have been to run these applications.

Some auto collision repair shops have a repair program called Tech Advisor. This means that they access auto repair information when they need it. This is often when the customer wants an estimate or during the repair process. As new cars become more complex it is important that the information accessed is as up to date as possible. Online information is often more up to date than manuals.

When companies embrace new technology in collision repair it lowers costs. It also helps the shop become more productive and efficient when serving customers. It’s no secret, when good work is done it creates happy customers which increased business. Many companies even use mobile phones and social media to do business with customers and vendors.

A manager can walk through the shop with a mobile device while updating information, sending tasks for employees to do, taking photos and videos for a repair order. They can go on vacation and still check in to see the status of every order within the shop. Cloud technology makes these services more affordable and accessible. Smartphones are being used to run the repair shop from the business side of things more and will continue to grow and evolve.

Social networks like Facebook are often a part of the auto collusion industry; allowing potential new clients to keep up with friends and others who have experience with a particular auto repair shop. Another example of new technology changing the industry is Gensis. They have a product called Scene Exchange, a technology marketplace that delivers repair opportunities to auto collision shops. Allowing them a chance to decide if they can take a repair job or not. These are just some of the new technologies available and progressing the industry forward.

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