Deciding whether or not your vehicle needs auto body or auto collision repair is sometimes a difficult decision. There are many factors to consider when coming to the conclusion of whether or not your car needs repairs.

Car Accidents

If your vehicle has recently been in an accident, you definitely need to get the damages inspected and quoted by an auto collision repair expert, like any of the staff of A.U.T.O Collision repair. Even if there is no visible damage and the vehicle appears to be in proper working order, there is still a chance that something is wrong. The frame could be bent, motor mounts could have been damaged or there could even be cracks in the panels that are not invisible to the naked eye.

Debris from Storms

If there has been a recent storm, you may want to consider taking your car in for repairs; especially if your car has uncovered parking. Whether from hail or debris flying around during a hurricane, vehicles are nicked and scratched during all sorts of circumstances. Even severe sand storms can put fine scratches into a car’s paint job. Inspect your vehicle for damages regularly if you live in a windy area or an area prone to foul weather. Debris blown against your vehicle can cause dents, cracks and scratches, and all of those will have negative effects on your vehicle after a period of time, not to mention can blemish the retail value if you ever plan to sell it.

When to Take the Vehicle in for Repairs

Anytime you think that there may be damage from a collision or to the body of the vehicle, you should get your automobile into the shop as soon as possible. Minor scratches in the paint can quickly cause the body to begin rusting. A bent frame can cause abnormal wear to tires and even the ball/CV joints to go out quicker, not to mention a bent axle. It is important to keep regular maintenance for your vehicle if you plan on using it as reliable transportation. And if ever unsure, give A.U.T.O Collision a call.

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