It is located in the engine compartment of your automobile and like most other parts in the car; the air filter is also an important part of your engines efficient performance. In most cases the air filter should be changed anywhere between 3,000 to 6,000 miles, which typically ends up being every other oil change, depending on the kind of car that you drive. In situations when the driver does most of their driving in and around dusty trails and farmland roads, it may be necessary to look at the filter a little more often. A dirty air filter can cause problems for the intake manifold by restricting the air to in and burn excessive fuel. The next time you have an oil change, be sure to ask your Sandy auto body mechanic to check your filter.

Drivers who fail to routinely check their air filter when changing their oil need not be concerned about trying to remember, the car usually provides a decent amount of symptoms that there could be a problem, however, it is not necessarily a good idea to wait this long before checking your filter. Some vehicle manufacturers suggest waiting until 10,000 to 15,000 miles before changing their air filters, with 6,000 miles being the magic number for dirty driving conditions. One of the warning signs that your air filter will need to be changed could range from rough idling noises when waiting for a red light to turn to green, or there is a resistance when attempting to accelerate.

There are many advantages to having your Sandy auto body technician change that air filter in a timely manner and one of the most important ones will be the improved fuel efficiency, especially with fuel prices always on the rise. Additionally, your vehicle will not be contributing to a dirty environment by reducing emissions. Air filters are not very expensive, so there is no reason to tell your Sandy auto body technician that it shouldn’t be changed, especially if the symptoms are already there. So why wait to change that air filter if you already know that a clean filter can help your engine last longer?

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