Did you know, interior car care is just as important exterior? Keeping the interior of your car clean is just as important as keeping the exterior clean. When the inside of your car is clean passengers will definitely take notice and when you try to sell your car you will increase the likelihood of getting the maximum amount of money. Here are some interior car care tips and techniques to keeping your car looking as new as possible.

Cleaning the Carpeting

Unlike the carpet in your home, the carpet in your car takes a real beating each day. Since shoes are worn all the time in the car; the dirt, soil, debris, and contaminants that are on your shoe wind up in the carpet in the car. The floor mats help to keep dirt from the carpet but you should vacuum at least once a week. Use a small scrub brush to remove particles deep down in the fibers and then vacuum again.

Protecting the Dashboard

Using a protectant that blocks UV rays is important to keeping the dashboard looking new and to keep it from fading. The dashboard is under constant attack from the sun and you could purchase a dash cover to ensure there is no peeling, cracking, and fading of the dashboard. These dash covers will keep the dash looking like new for the life of your car.

Protecting your Seats

Leather seats need to be conditioned and cleaned on a regular basis to keep them looking like new. Use a leather cleaning product that also contains UV protection so they do not fade. Do not purchase products that simply add a shine to the seats because you will feel the seats become oily and greasy and difficult to sit in.

Cleaning the Rest of the Interior

Purchase a good quality microfiber towel for cleaning the rest of the interior. These towels act like the duster in your home because they trap the dust and contaminants trapped in air vents and hard to clean areas of the interior. Run the towel over your instrument panel, center counsel, and door panels to keep your car interior looking like new.

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