Sometimes people find out the hard way that their car does not have a clean report. Often times, after they’ve already purchased the car under the impression the car had a clean title. Dealing with a car that has a rebuilt title or an accident history can put one in a tough situation.

If the owner of a recently-bought car finds out that the car has an accident report or rebuilt title, then the owner may be able to take action. This, of course, depends on the state in which the car was bought from. If it is not illegal in the state to sell a car with a rebuilt title or accident report with false information, then not much can be done. The owner can sell the car, but a full refund is not to be expected.

If it is illegal to sell this kind of car, the owner can either request for a refund or take this to court. It is recommended that the owner first talks to the dealer. If they refuse to give the owner a full refund, then the owner can sue. Before an owner takes this to court, the owner must first gather as much information as possible, and maybe get a lawyer. It might be a stressful situation, but it will most likely be worth it in the end.

A car with a rebuilt title has a lower value than one that doesn’t. There might be unknown damage from a prior accident that can lead to expensive problems down the road. An insurance company might not have any policies for this kind of car. For the owner of such a car this could mean a greater expense to deal with. Especially if another car accident occurs.  Although the price value of a car with a rebuilt title can drop somewhere between 20-40%, the owner can still improve the integrity of the car to increase its value. The owner can have the car inspected and repaired like new, or as close to new as possible.

If you’ve discovered you’re the victim of a fraudulent car history report after purchasing a car, review your options and call your insurance company. You may be able to get a refund or compensation for the liability. If you find out too late, call a reliable Utah collision repair shop. They can work with you to restore your car correctly or improve its integrity and safety so you can continue to drive it with peace of mind.


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