Dent damage and repair involves the collection of techniques that is aimed to remove minor dents as well as dings from the body of your automobile. There is a wide range of damage that can be repaired using these techniques. However, if the paint of your car has been damaged, the techniques may not be enough to correct the damage.

Basically, the techniques are commonly used in repairing dents caused by hail damage, minor body creases, minor bump indentations and door dings. In addition, the techniques may also be used to prepare the damaged part of the vehicle for painting. These are steps to take in repairing dent damages on your vehicle:

•             Make Sure You Have Access to the Dent. The first thing to consider when repairing dent damage would be free access to the dents. The dent repair may be performed from the underside of the panel. Basically, with this method, access is very important. It is ideal to know how to gain access to the dented part of the vehicle through the many routes available in the car. In cases where the dents are located on the hood of the car, access of the dent can be gained through the underside of the vehicle. If the dents are located from the front to the back portion of the vehicle, access may be available through the taillight and headlight assemblies. You may also gain access through the ends of the door and through the wheels.

•             Choose the Right Methods and Tools. The next step would involve choosing the right tools for the repair. You can either choose using rods to push the dents or a glue puller kit to pull the dents. You have the option to combine both these methods. After choosing the right device, you have to start prepping the area. You have to make sure that you can work around the car. This way, you will be able to check the available angles to make sure that the dent is completely removed.

•             Carefully Plan and Start the Repair Process. You will need to examine the dent carefully and understand how you can fix it. After carefully analyzing and planning the repair, you have to begin the repair process. This technique involves the push and pull method. This is performed repeatedly until the dent is completely fixed and it resolves back to its original shape.

Now, if any of this seems too complicated for a “Do It Yourself” project; no worries, the professionals at Auto Collision Repair are highly skilled and can have any minor dings repaired for you, in no time.

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