What To Do In Case Of An Auto Accident:

No one wants to get in an accident, but accidents are an unfortunate fact of life. A.U.T.O Collision has a few tips to help you, if ever you find yourself in this situation:

Safety: Check for any injuries, and call the police immediately. Even if there are no major injuries; for insurance purposes it’s wise to have a police report. If the accident is minor and the cars can be moved, pull them out of traffic. If they can not be moved turn on your hazard lights and stay in the vehicle with your seat belt on to avoid any further injuries to yourself or other vehicles and drivers.

Driver info: Exchange names, addresses, insurance information and phone numbers. These are the most crucial elements both parties should obtain after an accident no matter who is at fault. Additionally, take down the drivers license, make and model of the vehicle, license plate and color of the other vehicle. Do this for every vehicle involved.

If the vehicle is still drivable: After all the police reports have been filed and information for all vehicles have been acquired, you may safely drive it home. Contact the insurance company immediately to make a claim and inform them you will be having it repaired at an auto collision repair shop like A.U.T.O. Collision.

I the vehicle is not drivable: Ask the officer to arrange for a tow or if you have roadside assistance, your insurance should have a tow truck on its way to your location. Ask the tow truck driver to tow it to A.U.T.O. Collision. If this neither is possible; call us and we will arrange to pick it up from the tow yard!

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