With the price of gasoline rising steadily, vehicle owners everywhere are looking for ways to save money on gasoline. Here are several tips that can help drivers to increase gas mileage and save money and even improve the overall car care.
A.) Do not start and shut off your engine frequently. Starting the engine requires a good amount of gasoline. It is often better to leave an engine idling for a couple of minutes instead of shutting it off then starting it again.

B.) Driving at the speed limit can help to increase gas mileage figures. The faster a vehicle travels, the more wind resistance is formed, which makes the engine work harder and use more gasoline.

C.) Tune-ups and all recommended maintenance should be performed at regular intervals. Regular tune-ups, including the cleaning of air filters can help to increase gas mileage.

D.) It is important to maintain proper air pressure in tires at all times. When tires are under-inflated, more gasoline is required to power the vehicle. It is best to keep the tires inflated to maximum pressure and to have them balanced and spun on a fairly regular basis.

E.) Driving on unpaved and uneven roads requires more gasoline than driving on smooth surfaces.

F.) When accelerating, the gas pedal should not be pushed down too fast or too hard. By driving at a steady pace, the fuel system can operate efficiently, which leads to better gas mileage. Revving the engine upon starting or turning off the vehicle is also a waste of fuel.

G.) Do not overfill the vehicle’s gas tank when fueling up. When the tank is filled to the top, gasoline can leak out while the vehicle is moving, which not only wastes fuel but can also damage the vehicle’s body.

H.) When driving uphill, try to avoid accelerating while climbing the hill. Accelerate prior to reaching the hill then maintain a steady pace up the incline. This will help to increase gas mileage.


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