Buying a car can be a challenge, even the experts at Auto Collision, would agree. Not only do you have to find a good vehicle that fits your needs and your budget, you also have to look out for scams. However, with a little preparation and some precautions you can avoid scams and find the right vehicle for your needs.

One common scam car buyers encounter is title washing. This is where the seller hides the history of the vehicle because it may have been damaged by flood, hurricane or other natural disasters. The seller ‘washes’ the title by transferring the vehicle to another state where people are not aware of the brands that were damaged. To avoid being fooled by this scam, potential buyers should check the history of the vehicle through Autocheck or CarFax before buying it.

Odometer fraud is another scam many unscrupulous sellers try to perpetrate. In this scam the seller rolls back the mileage on the vehicle being sold to make it appear to have a lot less wear and tear on it. To protect yourself from being taken in by this scam, you should make sure the mileage on the odometer matches the elapsed mileage listed on the vehicle’s maintenance records. The experts at Auto Collision can help you when it comes to background and safety checks of any potential vehicle you may buy.

One scam now growing in popularity in recent years involves using fake escrow accounts. Crooked car sellers advertise a highly desirable vehicle online at an unbelievably low price. Potential buyers are told to put the purchase price of the vehicle into an escrow account to secure the purchase. Unless you can verify the escrow account, both your money and the fake seller will disappear.

Car sellers can also be victimized if they aren’t careful. One of the newest scams involve buyers using fake certified checks to purchase cars off the internet. The buyer sends a fake cashier’s check and takes possession of the vehicle. To avoid this scam, always call the issuing bank to validate the check and wait for it to clear before transferring ownership.

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