Questions to Ask Your Utah Collision Repair Shop After an Accident

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Unfortunately, most automobile owners experience at least one accident during their lifetime. Thousands of accidents occur on America’s roads each day. Repair bills are often costly, and drivers don’t always handle the situation properly. Without a doubt, each person should ask their mechanic certain questions before approving repairs. Vehicle owners could otherwise wind up paying more than necessary for the work. Motorists should focus upon questions that help reduce their overall expenses. For instance, mechanics often use brand...

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What is Your Vehicle’s True Cost of Ownership?

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Most people assume a vehicle’s cost of ownership is its original price. Unfortunately, the average buyer forgets to calculate the true cost of ownership. Vehicle owners need to contend with multiple expenses after purchasing a vehicle. True cost of ownership adds thousands of dollars into the equation. Sometimes, this figure can be shocking for buyers that think they’re getting a great deal. What comprises true cost of ownership? Finding the true cost of ownership requires some mathematics. Typically, drivers will need to account...

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Springtime Car Care Tips

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Love it or hate it, spring cleaning is something that most people have to make time for when the seasons start to change. And while many people consider spring cleaning to only include the inside of their home, there are plenty of things that should be given extra care during the spring as well. Namely, your car. Here are some springtime car care tips that will keep you running better in warmer weather. After a long winter, your car is likely to have had to use up a lot of fluids to run properly. That’s why you should be sure to check your...

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Pre-Road trip Maintenance

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If you’re planning on taking a road trip, there are a few things you should prepare your vehicle for. The following are some things that should be done prior to leaving. Have a mechanic perform a “maintenance package” which includes general road-worthiness of the car. Look over the owner’s manual for your car, and keep it in the car. This can tell you things like how to change tires, how to change bulbs, etc. in case you run into trouble far from the immediate help of roadside assistance or a repair shop. Before your trip, drive the...

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Preventative Maintenance

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Behind your home, your automobile is your one major investment in life. And like your home, you need to take care of it so that it can continue to provide you with service for many years to come. While eventually most cars will need auto body repair, there are a few things you should know in order to keep your car out of the repair shop. The following are a few quick preventive maintenance tips to keep your car on the road and out of the repair shop unnecessarily for years to come. 1. Keep your car fueled up and every 5th fill-up, it is...

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Car Care: Gas Saving Tips

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With the price of gasoline rising steadily, vehicle owners everywhere are looking for ways to save money on gasoline. Here are several tips that can help drivers to increase gas mileage and save money and even improve the overall car care. A.) Do not start and shut off your engine frequently. Starting the engine requires a good amount of gasoline. It is often better to leave an engine idling for a couple of minutes instead of shutting it off then starting it again. B.) Driving at the speed limit can help to increase gas mileage figures. The...

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Cheap Gas vs. Premium

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Have you ever considered gas as a part of your car care and maintenance? Ever considered what the difference between gas grades is and how to know when to use which? Is regular unleaded gas safe for your car or should you be using premium? The short answer is to first look at your specific car. The manual (and often the door to your gas tank) should be able to tell you which grade you should be using or if premium gasoline is recommended or required. If the owner’s manual simply recommends premium gasoline, the car will typically run on...

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Interior Car Care Tips and Techniques

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in Auto Repair Tips | Comments Off on Interior Car Care Tips and Techniques

Did you know, interior car care is just as important exterior? Keeping the interior of your car clean is just as important as keeping the exterior clean. When the inside of your car is clean passengers will definitely take notice and when you try to sell your car you will increase the likelihood of getting the maximum amount of money. Here are some interior car care tips and techniques to keeping your car looking as new as possible. Cleaning the Carpeting Unlike the carpet in your home, the carpet in your car takes a real beating each day....

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Foreign Collision Car Repair

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A collision is not something any of us plan on when we buy a car. It is probably the last thing on our mind. We do not consider how readily available pars are for the car we purchase and we do not think whether we need a mechanic with extended training and specialized tools. In general if you drive a domestic car and have any kind of problem, whether it is mechanical or structural there will be a mechanic, dealership or parts store nearby that has just what you need for speedy car repair. When you drive a foreign car it is a different case and...

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Does your teen know what to do after an accident?

Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 in Auto Repair Tips | Comments Off on Does your teen know what to do after an accident?

Does your teen know what to do after an accident? The experts at Auto Collision would like to share a few tips and a refresher course for all drivers. It doesn’t matter how old you are, when you are involved in an accident it can literally knock the wind out of your sails, which is why, as adults, we need to be certain that our teens are prepared for the day that they become involved in a fender bender. It is important that they know what to do and how they are expected to react when that time comes. Telling someone to remain calm after...

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