Auto Collision’s reputation as a quality post-collision repair facility didn’t come overnight.

It developed after continually putting our customers first and going above and beyond to make sure your car runs as good as new, regardless how bad the initial damage is.

After being in the same location for 20 years, we’ve established ourselves as the go-to place in the Sandy community for all post-collision repairs. At Auto Collision, we offer high-quality service at a fair price…not to mention our lifetime warranty!

At Auto Collision, we know your car is an extension of you. Whether it’s a reliable classic, an elaborate new ride or anything in between, we realize your car reflects your lifestyle, character, and personal taste.

That’s why Chris Bogden and the rest of the employees at Auto Collision take the time to get to know you and your car to ensure the most complete repair possible.

It doesn’t matter what sort of condition your car is in when it comes to us.  Maybe it’s been sitting lifeless in your garage for years, or perhaps a more recent accident has you sidelined for the time being. At Auto Collision, we know exactly what steps to take to get that engine running again.

We don’t run the way other collision repair shops do. The whole take-you-in-and-spit-you-out method never worked for us; we aren’t satisfied unless you are.

We want to make your Auto Collision experience as easy and care-free as possible. This echoes our assurance of quality customer service. And to prove it, we’ll handle everything when it comes to your insurance; all you have to do is give us your information.

But it doesn’t stop there! We’ll even pick up your car and drop it off when we’re done with our repairs so can take your ride back to the streets as soon as possible.

That’s the way we’ve been running things from the beginning. From our inception in 1980 to when Chris took the reins in 2009, Auto Collision is the only place you need to visit for top-notch service and timely post-collision repairs.


Meet the Auto Collision Team


Chris has worked in several shops ranging from a large trucking company painting semi’s and trailers to working on custom motorcycles. The largest thing Chris has ever painted was a school bus to transport truck drivers around. Chris attended SLCC to begin his career in the automotive field. After working for Dan Worth at Worth Customs they decided to split the company up. Chris took over the owner ship of the collision repair and started A.U.T.O. Collision. Dan formed Dan Worth Customs and shares shop space with A.U.T.O. Collision. Chris enjoys spending time in the mountains camping, fishing and mountain biking.


David has an Associate’s Degree in collision repair from Salt Lake Community College. While in college he was trained in all Icar and factory procedures. He is starting his fourth year in the industry with us. David has trained with Car-O-Liner on frame measuring, and has a certificate from Chief, in full frame analysis and repair planning. David served in the army and served two tours in Iraq.


Brad has done just about everything in the collision repair industry. Brad came to us from Georgia; he has worked on award winning show cars, to fixing the daily driver. With 25 years under his belt he doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Brad has held multiple Icar certifications and is fully certified by BASF for lifetime warranties. Brad has done many oil paintings that have sold and or hung in galleries.


Jesse started with us at the end of February 2012. He has studied collision paint repair while attending UVU. Jesse Has 1 year of experience and is looking to gain as much knowledge in repairing cars as he can. He has an eye for detail and a love of the Chevrolet Suburban. Jesse loves to draw and is a talented pencil artist.


Max has been in all aspects of the industry from being just a rookie to owning his own shop for several years. Max is a fully certified auto collision repair professional. Max has been in the industry for over 35 years. He has trained on Chief and Car-O-Liner measuring systems and has a passion for making the repair as perfect as possible. Max enjoys his family and working in his extensive garden.